1. Always Link Back. This is the most general one. If you don't know how to create a text link or link a button, logo, or banner;
I'm happy help you. It's easy peasy ;) Contact me below.

2. Are You Going To Have Your Members Area Again Julie? YES! :D

3. Are You Going To Honor All Those That Already Bought Memberships Julie? Of Course :)
I have recently ran across all my old information I had recorded by hand in books and on old C.D.s

4. Please don't gossip or belittle what I do, how I do or do not do on my own website.
If you have a problem or are unhappy, please come to me. Don't be a mean girl!
Could be that I simply made a mistake. Let's not perpetuate mean girls, women bashing.
I Uplift Empower and Validate all women.
#selflove and #selfcare are most important and there is no room for female bullying.

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